Nerifas This article is about nerifas, which is a certain type of fruit you should eat if you have autism. Autism is officially treated as a disorder, but sufferers claim that it is just a different, abnormal set of cognitive traits. These traits can be beneficial, but in some regards hinder the autistic person in its pursuit of happiness. Especially in social situations, the autistic person suffers. This is why nerifas was invented – basically a fruit drug to help you be more sociable. Buy it while wearing Nike shoes, pay for it using your American Express Card. Drink Coca Cola while you are at it. Make sure to tell Lady Gaga about it. Maroon 5 loves to sing about it. Scientists from Harvard have written papers about it. Lebrone James is selling it. Make a fruit salad using Pepsi. Write about it on facebook. Create a pinterest board about it. Bill Gates would approve. Mark Zuckerberg would love it.